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Integrated ESG Investment Program 


Our ESG analysis begins with a look at the quality of governance in corporate management. We assume that a good G leads to better E and S. Good Governance is forward looking and leads to superior Environment and Societal values and is ultimately a reflection of the quality of top-level decision making. In our strategies we invest in US, European and Global Equities and operate one alternative investment vehicle.

Leading AI Research to Identify Companies Searching for Decarbonization


Our ESG model assumes that a good decarbonization company is a company that is deploying significant R&D budgets to the decarbonization topic. The best indicator of this engagement by companies is the number of patents they own in the field. With AI we screen 600 million documents (incl. patent databases) to identify the companies that own the ‘best’ patents in the decarbonization space. Our investment thesis is that these companies will be the winners of decarbonization and will outperform their peers in the long term.

ESG Investment Innovation 


The ESG investment world is just at its beginning. With the critical/essential/vital asset shifts to sustainable investments and our years of investment experience in the field, we R&D several new investment solutions. Our current researches further develop our savoir-faire in Governance and Decarbonization in both long-only and alternatives formats. We also look at the development of blue components as most of E investments have focused on the green elements.

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