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We are fully ESG


We are different with a meaning and a 100% dedication to develop and manage solutions in impact and ESG investing. We focus most of our investment research on two major ESG themes: Governance and Decarbonization.


Our approach to Governance is practical, academic and independent, intending to show that there is a premia to be well-governed. Good Governance (G), influences a good integrated ESG. Well-governed companies deliver positive externalities on the E and the S.


Similarly our approach to identify patents ownership on decarbonization allows investors to select companies that sincerely research decarbonization solutions. We believe that investing in companies deploying an important R&D budget to decarbonization is source of long-term outperformance.

Investment Experience combined with a Strong Sense of Responsibility 


Our team has long-established investment experience across all asset classes globally. Using this as an asset, we can achieve ESG and Impact objectives without compromising on performance. Long-term sustainability considerations are part of our institutional-quality portfolio management.

Innovation Factory


Our objective is simple - develop new solutions that combine true ESG with performance. With the ESG industry growing, several ESG performance engines appear and we try to research and develop the most impactful ones for our clients.

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