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Rivière entourée de forêt
Image by Benjamin Child


​As part of a better world and society, Governance (one of the three pillars of ESG) is becoming increasingly central to developing an integrated ESG approach.

​We believe that a good G (Governance) triggers a good E (Environment) and a good S (social), as is confirmed by our academic research.

​Over the last years, we have developed investment solutions in the long-only and alternative spaces allowing investors to invest in well-governed companies. 


To meet the ambitious decarbonization targets of 2050, several companies have developed technological solutions to help achieve carbon emission reductions.

From this observation, we have developed AI solutions to detect the most engaged companies in this process.

Investors can access a dynamic portfolio based on this analysis, capturing the carbonization theme.

Additionally, we manufacture alternative ESG investment solutions that are generating a negative carbon contribution in our clients's portfolios.

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