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We have an ESG & Impact Investing mindset with a strong culture of "responsibility" and conviction that sound financial practices will lead to a more equitable world.

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Diversity & Inclusion

The team's diversity in terms of background and industries experience provides access to an extensive global network for both sourcing and distribution of financial products. We welcome a variety of opinions and a growth mindset. We believe that people are more important than ideas and that it's not who you are but who you become that matters.


We combine ESG and performance objectives within our product range to simply invest better, create a better financial world while keeping attractive performance objectives. We manufacture only ESG solutions, and this 100% dedication helps our investors ensure a total firm commitment to ESG.

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We seek to achieve high and risk-adjusted-performance goals with our extensive experience managing money across all major asset classes. We help investors achieve both impact and investment goals through ESG strategy development and management with high-performance potential. The majority of our strategies offer a governance premia to our investors and we are determined to deliver performance through purpose and impact for the future. 


We pride ourselves on providing a wide range of solutions that are 100% independently managed.



Green Blue Invest believes in the power of entrepreneurship to address the world's most significant sustainable problems.

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