Global Network 


Over the last two decades we have built a global network with a wide range of relationships. They span from investment sourcing to independent financial consultants and investment managers with strong ties to Europe, America and Asia.

Sourcing and Due Diligence 


We benefit from an extensive experience in managing wealth and performing best-in-class manager selection across all asset classes


Capacity of performing due diligence of complex investment strategies with a track record of rejecting flawed set-ups and managers (former employers include Deutsche Bank, UBS, JPMorgan, Stepstone, Morgan Stanley, Goldman & Sachs and Winton).



Through our network of wealth managers and investors we get access to top investment managers and exclusive investment projects across all asset classes

Sustainable Investment Approach


We select asset classes and investment strategies with a high potential return objective both in the medium and long term.


Long-term sustainability considerations are permanently integrated in our Institutional quality portfolio management.

Seeding capabilities 


We have a successful track record of selecting investment managers and support them through their long-term development.